Human breast milk is the most ideal and nutritionally-perfect first food for an infant. And even though many parents make the choice to breastfeed their child, a large group of our population still lack culturally appropriate information to assist them in making an informed decision. Or they may lack the confidence or skill set to be successful in their breastfeeding goals. 
Public Health Practitioner, Certified Lactation Counselor, and Restore the Village™ Founder Ericka L. Abrams has a knack for delivering evidence-based information that is tangible, and relatable to the community. Taking on the challenge, head-on as a Community Breastfeeding Advocate, she has single-handedly assisted hundreds of parents across the country in giving their child the healthiest start in life.

Breastfeeding can reduce the risk for obesity, Type 2 diabetes, asthma, eczema, allergies and eliminates their exposure to GMOs (genetically modified organisms); a known allergen, which is present in conventional infant formula.


Food is the first medicine, and in this world where adulterated, fabricated and genetically-modified food is ever-present, we challenge families to embrace a new paradigm and to better utilize both their economic and community resources to become more savvy about what they eat. We educate them on choices that they can make, within their control to provide more healthful meals for their family which can reduce the risks for diet-related disease and illness, and potentially improve their child's academic performance.



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An innovative, and effective curriculum is provided to you through our partnership with the United Credit Education Service's Youth Financial Literacy Foundation (YFL). YFL provides opportunity and knowledge regarding personal finances, credit and budgeting to students across the United States. Striving to create a future of positive financial habits, the YFL's mission is to educate and prepare children and teens through interactive activities, events and scholarship opportunities. 

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In order for our community and world to be strong and resilient, our children must be raised to become responsible stewards of themselves and the privileges granted unto them in this life. 

Parents are the first teachers, so we partner with them to impart empowering parenting skills and strategies to place them on a fast track to child- rearing success.